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I never thought my office building would ever flood, but when it did I called SERVPRO La Jolla and they took care of us immediately! Highly recommend them!

One of our Canada Steak locations needed some restoration work done in our back room. My contractor referred me to SERVPRO La Jolla and I was so glad he did. They took care of our business in a professional and efficient manner. Thanks to the whole SERVPRO La Jolla team!

I discovered a wet spot under my area rug in my family room. Turns out, our dishwasher leaked underneath and water started seeping through the wood floors 12 feet away from the dishwasher. SERVPRO La Jolla came, assessed the damage and it turns out our entire kitchen island was moldy from the inside. Fast forward a month and everything was taken care of, including the rebuilding of what needed and saving what could be saved. I HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO La Jolla!!!

One of my new cooks was still learning the ropes when a kitchen fire ignited. Thankfully he was okay, but the kitchen was not.  A neighbor referred me to SERVPRO La Jolla and a gentleman by the name of Roger both answered my call after hours and showed up within an hour. He made the restoration process painless, given the circumstance. Big thank you to the entire SERVPRO La Jolla team!!

Fast, friendly, efficient. Thank you!!

We had some family over for Christmas dinner and out of nowhere, our Christmas tree became engulfed in flames. Luckily, we were able to put it out on our own but the damage was apparent. Called SERVPRO La Jolla and the came out the next morning, per our request, and cleaned up the walls, ceiling and floor. They left the room in better condition than it was before the fire. I HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO La Jolla!!

I manage a local supermarket and did not know who to call when my public restroom flooded at 11pm on a weekend. A friend recommended SERVPRO La Jolla and I was extremely pleased with their response time!! The answering service answered but patched me through to their on call technician and they were at the job site 50 minutes later. Couldn't recommend them more!!!! 

Love doing Business with this group... Organized, good communication, Thanks guys for being industry leaders.
Staff at EmergencyStorageSD (Vender)

Just had my second experience with SERVPRO La Jolla and I’m so pleased with the job and their professionalism. Will definitely always use them for here on out!

Just had my second experience with SERVPRO La Jolla and I’m so pleased with the job and their professionalism. Will definitely always use them for here on out!

House was recently flooded... From the top floor bathroom, leaked through the entire house. It's been a hard couple of days since we are expecting a newborn baby any day now. I contacted SERVPRO La Jolla SERVPRO Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Rancho Penasquitos based on the reviews and was fortunate to get a hold of the ACTUAL owner! Angela assured me that the house will be back to normal, walls would be tested for mold and they have contents removal which will save me the headache of having my stuff moved from a different company. Megan came out the next day and has been working directly with our adjuster since my husband and I have been in and out of the hospital. So far, it's been an amazing and seamless experience and happy we decided to give them a call! Thank you!

Respectful, reliable, trustworthy. Couldn't be better. 

Another restoration company came out to my home and basically proposed I gut the entire kitchen, including my kitchen island. I was in complete shock. My friend recommended SERVPRO La Jolla, and I'm soooo happy they did!! Andrew and Roger came in and really did make it look like nothing even happened and SAVED my kitchen with very minimal demolition!! Thanks guys!!

Fast, friendly, courteous and helpful. Thank you SERVPRO La Jolla!

Tenants left a ton of smoke damage to my condo the day before they vacated. Never dealt with this before. Googled local fire damage restoration companies, and SERVPRO La Jolla/SERVPRO Scripps Ranch Mira Mesa, came up in the search. A lady by the name of Meghan came to assess the damage and walked us through every step of restoring our condo very quickly!

We had a major sewage backup in my parents bathroom. They called a cleaning company to clean the bathroom, but as soon as I saw what they did to try to do the job, I panicked. The place still had an unmistakable odor that you could smell from a mile away. After a quick search on YELP, I quickly came across SERVPRO La Jolla and gave them a call right away. They were so friendly on the phone and were at my house 45 minutes later on a SATURDAY!! They sent out a technician named Darryl who was so helpful and did an amazing job. Thank you SERVPRO La Jolla!!!

Angela was referred to me by my neighbor who is a contractor. I couldn't believe I had a fire in my rental and didn't know where to start. I have a full time job and have no time to coordinate all the contractors I needed - painters, drywallers, electricians and such. Angela took care of everything from working with my insurance company to restoring my rental home. Highly recommended. Thanks again.

A big THANK YOU to SERVPRO La Jolla for responding quickly and taking care of my kitchen flood. It really looks nothing ever happened to our kitchen! Technicians worked efficiently and clearly explained their work, every step of the way. Thank you SERVPRO La Jolla!!

When my elderly parents had a slab leak in their garage, I didn't know who to turn to for help. A friend of mine referred me to SERVPRO of La Jolla/Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa/Rancho Penasquitos and they couldn't have been more of a help! They helped "rescue" my parents and walked them through every step of the way. THANK YOU to SERVPRO of La Jolla!

We had no idea that our dishwasher could cause a leak under our flooring and caused a huge mold problem! Thankfully, SERVPRO La Jolla came through and took care of the problem within days, and they were very considerate of my young kid's exposure to any products they use. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.